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Locked Down and Uploaded


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Do you own a small or micro business, we know that times are tough during lockdown due to the global pandemic. You have a great product or service, but you need more people to hear your message so that your business can grow again… but, cash flow is tight. Platinum Gold Radio wants to help you reach markets. 


We have created Locked Down & Uploaded, where one of our on air personalities will interview you about your business for 15 minutes or give you a 30 second live-read during the day at a dramatically reduced price. You choose the on air personality and how many times your message is heard by our large listener base.


This is for all small and micro businesses across South Africa

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Locked Down & Uploaded  is a project of Platinum Gold Radio to assist small and micro businesses that have been affected by the global COVID-19 pandemic.


All Platinum Gold Radio Standard Terms & Conditions apply


Included T’s and C’s:


  1. This Locked Down & Uploaded special offer is available to small and micro businesses
  2. The special offer is limited to the period to December 2021