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Africa Energy Indaba 2020

Written by on March 5, 2020

Africa Energy Indaba 2020 Once Again a Resounding Success

AEI conference proved to be premier event to shape future direction of industrial and economic development of energy sector across Africa

Cape Town, 10 March 2020; The much-anticipated Africa Energy Indaba 2020, held in collaboration with strategic partners, the World Energy Council, NEPAD Agency and SANEA yet again proved to be a resounding success. The symposium was hosted last week at the Cape Town International Convention Centre in Cape Town, South Africa. The conference proved highly efficacious in addressing key issues impacting the African energy sector while solutions to best mitigate these concerns were devised and debated at length.

This year’s international and African delegates participating at the Africa Energy Indaba comprised a resourceful amalgam of project developers, financiers, industry and scientific experts, energy users, government officials and energy industry manufacturers, prepared to tackle the most challenging of emerging problems and issues within the current energy sector.

The 2020 Africa Energy Indaba has become a benchmark for similar conferences and events by empowering African energy participants to enter a new age of innovation, technology, competitiveness and sustainability. The conference not only provided a multitude of opportunities for the aforementioned stakeholders, but for anyone invested in the energy sector, and in so doing, contributing to the growth of the nation’s economy by and large.

As the premier platform for assembling African energy leaders to design and create energy policies for sustainable industrial growth in the future, the conference consisted of thought-provoking panel discussions highlighting the impacts of solar and sustainable energy solutions on education, healthcare and economic opportunities across Africa.   Supporting the growth of the energy sector and proud Premium Partner to the Africa Energy Indaba, the Central Energy Fund (CEF) took a leading role in brand alignment and presenting the CEF Group of Companies strategic path for the coming year.

The focus for the 12th annual conference was on “Catalysing Business and Investment Opportunities” to discuss the emerging possibilities of industrial growth and development due to rising attention towards solar and renewable energy.

Conference experts enlightened attendees about the field of sustainable energy as well as the future of energy in Africa. Furthermore, the MarketPlace Business Matchmaking Programme represented a hotspot for professional networkers to meet with industry leaders and generate business opportunities at the very location. Our prestigious panel of experts empowered attendees to create long lasting relations with industry insiders as well as to discover new and emerging technologies and investment opportunities across the continent.

Informative sessions were hosted on the development of sustainable energy in Africa to meet the needs of rural and urban regions of the continent. Various highlights on emerging mobile technologies and energy solutions being developed across Africa were unpacked alongside case-studies of various regions and how the energy sector is developing across Africa.

From the conference rooms to the lunch tables and cocktail functions, attendees had front-line access to an expert panel of more than a hundred speakers. The event served as the ideal environment to incubate ideas and innovations, thereby bringing the revolutionary energy market to conference attendees. Further, participating exhibitors from all over Africa had the opportunity to showcase their and ingenuity to the public and the prestigious panel. Moreover, they were able to promote their businesses for investment and business development across various industries and sectors.

The prestigious Africa Energy Indaba introduced the topic of Youth in Energy, aimed at eliminating the barriers of young people to the energy sector as investors, professionals, entrepreneurs and academics. It was revealed that according to the World Economic Forum report, the young people of today are concerned about the future of energy and they want to make a difference. This not only inspired senior stakeholders to empower our nation’s youth but motivated the youth themselves to more assertively immerse themselves within the sector that is energy.

The event served as the ideal stage to realise Africa’s energy vision for a sustainable energy future and keep abreast of global energy competitors in this dynamic energy landscape. The significance of this year’s agenda rendered the 12th annual Africa Energy Indaba a valuable investment of attendees’ time and resources by providing instrumental insights to those vested in Africa’s energy arena, thereby reinforcing all sectors of the continent’s economy.

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